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Visit to Miami Bake House / Midway Airstrip WA

On 30th of May 2015 a number of UFC members and some friends from Serpentine Airfield set off to check out the Midway Airstrip (which conveniently has a fantastic pie shop right next to it). Bunbury Aero Club had organised a fly in a week earlier but it was put off due to bad weather so we decided to head in the following weekend with a smaller group. Permission was provided by the property owner who also advised the strip was in good condition and regularly used, the farm animals were separated by a fence and separate gate and should not be on the strip, however, best to do a strip inspection – which we did to confirm all was good. The Club Aircraft VH-EZT and the 172 departed Jandakot in the morning and met the others at Serpentine Airfield for a coffee and quick look around. There was a bit of activity and we got to see the kit-built mustang which is progressing nicely. We then departed Serpentine and headed off towards Midway which is just to the South East of the South-eastern-corner of the Peel Inlet. Caleb and Gerry were in the Cessna and was the designated strip inspectors on the day we were advised that all looked to be in order and the rest of us joined the circuit after the 172. The owner had advised us to use the Murray Field and Serpentine CTAF 119.1 as the airfield is close by – a Jabiru transiting the area heard us on the radio and joined in. We met the Miami bakehouse owners who were very welcoming and sampled some of their pies and coffee. A great day out.

Aircraft in attendance:

2x Piper Cherokee 140, Cessna 172, Pipersport and a Jabiru J-230

Coordinates: -32.672433, 115.789426.

Owners prior permission is required and experience with grass strips is advised.

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