The University Flying Club (UFC) operates a Van’s Aircraft RV9A.



  • Model: RV-9A
  • Kit Manufacturer: Vans’s Aircraft
  • Use:
    DAY VFR – Private Flying travel and recreational use, Transition / Conversion Training, CPL/ATPL, Hours Building
  • Features:
    VH Registered, Full glass cockpit, Large Screen Dynon Skyview with integrated EFIS/EMS/moving-map GPS and Traffic System, Angle of Attack Sensors, Two-axis Autopilot, Garmin GTX335 ADSB Transponder (EB1), Plush interior, ADSB-IN/OUT Integrated traffic system, Sliding glass canopy for excellent all-round vision.
  • Airframe: Full metal with Sensenich metal prop
  • Cruise Speed: 140 knots
  • MTOW: 794kg
  • Usable Weight: 312kg
  • Cost: Refer to the hire rates
  • Location: Jandakot Airport (YPJT), Perth,  Western Australia


  • Aerobatics NOT permitted

Club Handling Notes and Documentation

Getting Checked Out to Fly LAT

We recommend that if you are looking to be checked out to fly LAT you complete the following CASA questionnaire using the Handling Notes and documents provided above. This will equip you with the knowledge you require to complete the checkout process with an instructor and will also greatly enhance your understanding and safe use of the aircraft.

Useful Online Resources / CASA Resources