Hire Rates

UFC Aircraft Hire Rates Jandakot

University flying club offers the lowest possible flying rates for members at Jandakot (YPJT).

All hire rates include GST – we don’t slap you with a hidden 10% at the end. Note: other operators at Jandakot often quote prices excluding GST so make sure you ask for the full price including GST when comparing rates.

We believe you won’t find better value flying anywhere at Jandakot. Compare our rates and see for yourself.

VH-EZT Private Hire Rates Jandakot

Standard (Wet**) Rates$185 per hour (Hobbs) includes GST

($168.18 ex GST if comparing to other clubs who don’t publish GST inclusive prices. Be careful when comparing rates at Jandakot as you will often find other rates are excluding GST)

Discounted Private Hire – Block Hours

Block Hour Rates (Wet**)To financially assist new students and encourage more regular private pilots we also offer a discounted block rate for aircraft hire.

  • 10 hours – $1665 ($166.50/hr) – this rate effectively means you pay for 9 hours and get an hour free at the normal rate. Great for students or pilots who are looking to fly regularly.
    • ($151.36 ex GST if comparing to other who don’t publish GST inclusive prices)

The block hours are subject to the following conditions:

  • Block hours must be purchased in advance
  • Block hours expire 12 months from the purchase date
  • Block hours can be rolled over upon a purchase of another block of hours. For example, if you have 1 hour remaining and purchase another 10 hours your 1 hour will be rolled over into a total of 11 hours and will have a new 12-month expiry.
  • Block hours are non-refundable.
  • Block hours are for aircraft hire. Landing fees, instructors, and any other charges incurred are to be paid separately via the normal process.
  • This offer is only available to club members residing in Australia
  • Block hours are not available to CPL/ ATPL / International equivalent hours building pilots – with the exception of local pilots who have completed their Ab-initio training on our aircraft and who are working towards their CPL/ATPL.

Ordering block hours

VH-EZT Training / Instructor Rates

Instructor (As per Air Australia’s training rates)$143*  per hour includes GST
(*Please speak with Air Australia for the most up-to-date instructor rates for EZT. Note AirAustralia instructors do not charge for briefings so take this into account when comparing other rates)

Airservices and Jandakot Charges

 (all landing fees below are subject to change without notice)
Full Stop-Jandakot (tower open)$23 inc GST
Circuits (tower open)$4.10/circuit inc GST
Circuits after hours*$13.50 inc GST
Other airport landing feesVaries per airport contact us if you have any questions

Note for Cross Country Flights: When refuelling from country airstrips, higher hire rates will apply if the cost of the fuel differential is greater than that of Jandakot.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure accuracy, hire rates are calculated on a number of variables which are subject to change outside our control at any time. Our club holds responsibility for posting accurate hire rates on our website; however, you are advised to confirm current instructor rates with Air Australia International. The cost of an instructor depends on the grade (experience) of instructor. Standard aircraft hire rates only apply when refuelling from Jandakot. If you plan to refuel from other airports, then you need to arrange this through the committee as extra costs may be incurred.

*Please refer to ERSA for local traffic regulations including limitations on circuits after hours.

**Wet hire means a hire that includes fuel in the hourly rate.