Note: You need to be a club member to use our aircraft. Please see the Join page for more information. If you want to ‘try it out’ first how about a Trial Flight.

Private Pilots:
Members can pre-book the aircraft by self service online via Flight Schedule Pro (New members need to contact the Committee for log in details).

Students must make a booking for the instructor with Air Australia International (08) 9332 5011. In addition students must book the aircraft separately contacting Flight Operations OR online via Flight Schedule Pro.

Students cancelling a lesson with an Instructor must contact Air Australia International AND cancel the aircraft booking online via Flight Schedule Pro / Flight Operations. It is important that if you need to make a cancellation you let your instructor know and cancel your booking in the club online booking system so that other pilots can make use of the aircraft.

Online Booking Instructions

  1. Login to Flight Schedule Pro
  2. Review any relevant notices
  3. Click on “Schedule” then “Day”, “Week” or “Month” to view availability
  4. Click on the “+” sign to make a booking on your selected day
    i) Select the Start and End Time for your Flight Booking (times in Perth Local Time / AWST)
    ii) Enter your Flight details especially your planned route in case we need to contact you / find you if you get stuck somewhere due to bad weather.
    iii) Enter any relevant comments for the flight.
    iiii) Mandatory: Make sure you either have a primary contact number assigned to your account or provide a contact number in your booking comments in case we need to contact you.
  5. iv) Click “Save”
  6. Click on “Schedule” then “Day”, “Week” or “Month” to view availability again and make sure you booking is correctly displayed (people often get AM/PM mixed up)

Trial Introductory Flights (TIF)
If you want to do a TIF (Trial Introductory Flight) in VH-EZT contact us and we will arrange the booking for you – availability permitting.